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Department of Chemical biology


The Department of Chemical Biology at Xiamen University was founded in 2008, yet, the history of the department can be traced back to 2003. Chemical Biology is a newly emerging interdisciplinary subject of chemistry and life sciences, which has attracts great research interests in the world. In 2003, driven by the daily increasing demands of interdisciplinary specialists in both chemistry and biology, the College of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering at Xiamen University led nationally the opening of a bachelor degree program in Chemical Biology. In the same year, the Key Laboratory for Chemical Biology of Fujian Province was setup. In 2004, the Master Program of Science and the Doctor Program of Science in Chemical Biology were approved by the Academic Degrees Committee of the State Council. The Department of Chemical Biology was officially established in June of 2008.


The department has a team of 19 faculty members (one member of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, 7 professors, 8 associate professors and 4 staffs. Most of the professors are newly recruited from world-renowned research institute or university. The research interests cover various aspects of chemical biology, including bioorganic phosphorus chemistry, small molecule regulator and medicinal chemistry, biochemical analysis and biosensor, bioinformatics, structural biology, and nano-biotechnology.


The Department offers an undergraduate program major in chemical biology leading to Bachelor of Science degree, which is designed to prepare students for careers in chemistry, biology or medicine related industries and businesses. The department also offers graduate programs leading to Master of Science and Doctor of Science degrees in  various research fields of chemical biology, including(1) reveal molecular essence underlying biological phenomena; (2) discover or design active compounds or probes that modulate physiological or pathological processes; (3) develop novel tools to facilitate biomedical and life science research; and (4) provide resources for the development of new & advanced reagents and drugs for clinical diagnostics and therapeutics.


Head of Department: Prof. Jin-Hao Gao


Phone: +86-592-2182803